Do You Have To Fix Your Car Where The Insurance Company Says?

Almost every time one of my clients has an accident in their vehicle and it needs to go in the shop or the collision center like Service King, they ask me, “Do I have to use the insurance company’s preferred vendor list or can I take my car wherever I want to get it fixed?” The answer is, you can take it wherever you want. You have that right. Almost every policy grants you that right to take it wherever you like to get it fixed.

Things To Be Aware Of

However, you need to know if you do not use the insurance company’s preferred vendor list and something happens after the fact, the insurance company is not going to back you and they’re not going to help you get your car remedied or taken care of. Basically, they’re going to say, “We sent you the check, you took it where you wanted. Good luck, we’re done.” So you need to be aware of that.

If you do use the insurance company’s preferred vendor list and something happens where the repair isn’t done correctly or you find out two weeks down the road that something went wrong, the insurance company in most cases is going to help you because you used their preferred vendor list. So, there is benefits to both. A lot of people like to take it to their trusted shop that they’ve used for 25 years. That’s fine, you just need to know the ramifications going into it.

And if you don’t know anybody, do yourself a favor, use a preferred vendor list and it will make your life that much more simple if something does go wrong in the process.

Car Crash – How to Handle the Auto Insurance Company

Were you in a car crash in Kent, Washington? Did you know what to do after you were rear ended? Did your insurance company in Kent give you the run around?

Tell us what are the recommended steps someone should take immediately when they’re in an accident-

First thing and the easiest suggestion is call the police. Get it documented what happened as minor or major as it may be. If you’ve got your faculties with you, call the police. It is amazing what people will say at the scene of the accident, and then what they will tell their insurance company later on. We want to believe that in the moment people are going to be honest, but things change. Continue reading →

The Accident Wasn’t Your Fault!

The car accident wasn’t my fault, so how come I have to pay the deductible? This is a question we sometimes get from our clients in Kent, and it’s never a fun time. There are actually a couple scenarios where this might happen. I’m going to explain two of them.

Different Car Accident Scenarios

The first one- You’re in an accident. You say, “I wasn’t at fault.” The other person says, “Well, I wasn’t at fault.”

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Is Your Home Vacant?

Does your insurance company know that? If your home is sitting vacant and nobody is living there, it is best to let your insurance company know. Let them know now!

If you’re renovating, selling, or just not living there, your insurance company needs to know. This is so that they can make sure your home is properly covered. If your insurance company doesn’t know that your home is vacant and a claim occurs, something bad happens to your house, there are many things that would be excluded and the insurance company would not pay to help repair your home.

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How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

People are always trying to gain the system. They’re always trying to figure out a way to get cheaper rates. Who wants to pay more money for anything, especially they’re car insurance? A question I get often and what I want to cover today is, “Can I use a different address for my car insurance?” They say something like “if I have friends or family that have an address in a more rural area, can I use their address on my insurance to get cheaper rates?”

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What is dwelling coverage on your home insurance policy?

Dwelling coverage is what gives you coverage for your actual home, the actual structure of your home, the actual physical structure of your home. So on your home insurance policy you’re going to see something that says dwelling coverage limit. The dwelling coverage limit is the amount that it would take to rebuild your home if your home was completely destroyed.

Other Structures

Now, if there is any part of your home or any structure on your property that is not attached to your actual home, like a detached shed or a detached garage, that would not be covered under the dwelling limit, instead that would be covered under the other structures limits. So if you have anything big like that, make sure that you have enough other structures.

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What is comprehensive & collision coverage on your auto insurance policy?

It seems everybody knows what the deductible is on their car insurance, but no one really knows what that means.

So today we’re going to talk about two coverages, collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

The first thing to point out is these coverages are for your vehicle and your vehicle only. We’re not talking about other people’s vehicles, medical injuries, or anything else. We’re just talking about damage to your vehicle.

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Are You Renting Your Home? How Does that Affect Your Home Owners Insurance?

If you’re a landlord and you’re renting your home, do you have the right coverage? You need to make sure you have the proper coverage on your home owners insurance.

What To Do If You Decide To Rent Your Home

If you decide you want to rent your home, the first person you should call should be your insurance agent. Guys, I can’t tell you the number of times where I’ve gotten a phone call from an existing client who initially was living in their home, but then decided to start renting out their home. And they never told me. And the only way I found out was through conversation while I had them on the phone.

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I’m pretty confident that if you asked anyone who has ever owned a rental property you would get an overwhelming response that it’s not as lucrative or easy as they thought it would be. In fact, owning a rental property can be a major pain, and end up costing you a ton of money!

I certainly don’t mean to be a “Debbie Downer”, and I know that if it’s done right it can be lucrative, but from an insurance agent’s perspective, I don’t see a lot of people doing it right.

So you’re probably thinking, “Well Chris, you are an insurance agent. What do you know about real estate or rental properties? Why should I take advice from you?”

I’m not a real estate agent, and I don’t own a rental property. However, several of my friends/family/clients/co-workers own rentals, and because I insure a bunch of their properties, I’ve had a first hand account of the process, and I’ve learned what to do, and what not to do.

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