Car Insurance Deductible- Why Do I Have To Pay My Deductible If The Accident Wasn’t My Fault?

The Accident Wasn’t Your Fault!

The car accident wasn’t my fault, so how come I have to pay the deductible? This is a question we sometimes get from our clients in Kent, and it’s never a fun time. There are actually a couple scenarios where this might happen. I’m going to explain two of them.

Different Car Accident Scenarios

The first one- You’re in an accident. You say, “I wasn’t at fault.” The other person says, “Well, I wasn’t at fault.”

What is going to happen? The two insurance companies are going to battle it out. They’re going to try and determine who actually was at fault. This is not a fast process and it takes time.

So during that time, if you want to get your car fixed, what are you going to do? Your only option is to go through your own insurance company. And if you go through your own insurance company and you have the correct coverage- comprehensive and collision, you’re going to end up paying your deductible.

Will Your Car Insurance Deductible Be Reimbursed?

Here’s the thing, once the insurance companies are done battling it out and they determine who actually was at fault and they say you were not at fault. At that point, your insurance company is going to go and get all the money back that they paid from the other insurance company. Part of that process is when they get that money back, they’re going to send you a refund for that deductible that you paid to get your vehicle fixed.

The second scenario, and it’s not as good, is if the other person just didn’t have insurance. At that point, all you can do is go through your own insurance. Again, like I said, if you have comprehensive and collision coverage, you have to go through your own company. If you use your insurance company, per the contract, unfortunately you’re going to have to pay your deductible.

There is no way around it and it is not fair, but that’s what happens when there are people out on the road that don’t have enough coverage or they don’t have any coverage, but unfortunately you’re going to be stuck with that deductible. No refunds, no happy endings. You just got to pay the deductible. Hopefully that makes sense. If you guys have any questions, let me know.